Maybe we will all switch to Apple Laptops?

For those who may not know, Apple computers run a totally different operating system than a Microsoft Windows PC.

But since Apple announced it would switch from IBM processors to Intel, that means only one thing: the legendary reliable Apple Laptops are going to run Microsoft Windows operating system.

"Perhaps the biggest crossover story with the Intel-based Macs is the possibility that they could run both the Apple operating system (called Mac OS X) and Microsoft Windows. Up until this point in the history of technology, one machine running both operating systems was an impossibility for the average computer user. But now that Macs run on Intel chips, and Windows has always run on Intel chips, the future is obvious.

In fact, the future is already here in the form of the still Beta software from Apple called Boot Camp. While I had the MacBook Pro, I had the opportunity to download, install and use Boot Camp, which allowed me to install a full Windows operating system on a partition of the hard drive." – Info about Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Source: LLRX

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