Digg Website Goes Beyond Technology

Social news site Digg has expanded from technology news into broad-based coverage of many popular topics, with stories ranked according to their popularity among Digg users.

Digg calls itself "a user driven social content website," allow users to suggest news stories, blog posts or other web content, and then have the user community vote to promote the story to the front page ("digg it"), comment on it, or get rid of it ("bury it").

Until recently, Digg focused on technology news, but on Monday added new subject areas including as world & business, entertainment, science and gaming. Another new area allows users to suggest and digg videos posted to sites such as YouTube, DevilDucky and Google Video.

"The real value of Digg and other social sites like this lies with the collective opinion that causes interesting content to get surfaced", says Chris Sherman from Search Engine Watch


Source: Search Engine Watch

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