Google Finance Offers Suggestions As You Enter A Company Name

Google Finance now offers suggestions as you enter a company name or ticker symbol suggestions appear. SurfWax / Look Ahead is the Pioneering Leader in Dynamic Search Navigation.

SurfWax Technoloy allows terms, (names, events, etc) dynamically appear in a drop-down box directly below the search interface as the searcher types letters into the search.
This dynamic query suggestion tool that can be easily installed and customized on any web site.

Technology like this has the potential to save a user a large amount of time and aggravation by helping create a more focused and precise query, thereby getting better results. It can also help when a searcher enters general terms when they're looking for something specific.

SurfWax is used in OPACS ; blog search , SEC Docs (website), wikipedia entries and Google Finance

Source: Resourceshelf

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