Amazon Moving To Downloadable Movies?

Library blogs are buzzing about the possibility of Amazon offering downloadable video.( some of it free). A subscription model will also be available.

To watch the video, users will probably have to install special sofware (like Overdrive software used in public libraries for downloadable audio books).


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One Response to Amazon Moving To Downloadable Movies?

  1. Lee_in_FL says:

    According to a recent CNN article, financial analysts have reacted positively to the prospect of a digital download service that would contribute higher profit margins than the Seattle-based retailer's traditional e-commerce business. The company's spending in research and development has skyrocketed, and many analysts have speculated that Amazon's new digital projects are the cause.Sources familiar with the matter told Reuters in March that the company was in advanced talks with several major Hollywood studios.When approached by Advertising Age magazine regarding the speculation,, Inc. officials declined to comment!Rumor has it that it will launch as early as mid-August!

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