The New Semantic Web Is A Collective Effort

The director of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) and the creator of the first Internet protocols, Tim Berners-Lee explained during a conference in Southampton, England that all that was needed to build the Semantic Web was for existing databases to be exposed in standard formats.

"The Semantic Web project, headed by Berners-Lee, aims to add machine-readable content to address the fact that the Web is largely still a mass of unstructured data with little to link groups of documents together, and no way for computers to manipulate the information in pages.

Berners-Lee explained that the power of the Semantic Web comes not from a single source of data, but from when multiple data sources are combined."

"However, none of this is possible if specific industries or interest groups only use their own languages to describe the information they hold. Instead, standards such as Resource Description Framework (RDF) are needed to provide a common vocabulary."


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