Are Libraries Ready For Their Mobile Patrons?

This is an interesting post from Steven B at the ACRlog, who comments the
2006 Alloy College Explorer Study, which examines the mobile habits of new college students . Here are the facts.

•50% of students came to college with a laptop
•Students spend 6.5 hours a week in social network sites
•Students claim an average of 111 friends and 61% interact with people that are total strangers on the social network sites
•85% of students plug into MP3 devices frequently
•Students spend 20 minutes each day sending and receiving text messages
•Over 70% of all students use courseware and administrative tools in managing their academic existence

I agree with Steven that academic ( and public libraries) are not ready for the new mobile world and so are the major database vendors, who need to make their products workable on mobile devices too. Maybe, one of the reasons is that mobile phones, MP3 players and constant mobile connection to the Internet are still too expensive for the average student. Once the mobile gadgets are in the pocket of every student that is when the big database vendors will quickly move from a computer screen into a mobile one.

Shirl Kennedy from Dockuticker has posted another report from UK “ Mobile Life Youth Report 2006”, which examines the mobile daily life of teens. Not surprisingly only 15 % of the youngsters in Great Britain can afford a monthly contract for their mobile, the rest have a pay as you go plan.

Source: ACRlog

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