Google Is Testing Users with Searchmash

Searchmash a new experimental search site from Google is going to test user preferences about search interfaces. Google's logo and name do not appear on Searchmash, because the engineers from Google want to gather more objective data about user response to new search features and layouts.

When I tested Searchmash and Google I found out that they both produce the same amount of results in the same order, which shows that the new site is powered by the search giant.

Here is what is new in Searchmash

* 3 images show up with every search
* you can type your search without the cursor blinking in the search box
* you can reorder search results by clicking the number next to a result and drag it around
* if you click the URL of result you are presented with 5 options: open the site in a new window, this window, cached copy, more from the site or more similar pages.

There is no guarantee that the features tested on SearchMash will be seen on Google search.

Philipp Lenssen from Google Blogoscoped suggests that with SearchMash Google is testing the grounds for a new personalized "build your own flavor of" Google search service. It is interesting to see how Searchmash will work out and the experiments that Google is working on.

Via: Phil Bradley's weblog

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