Major Alliances With Social Network Sites

After Google's decision to acquire YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars in a stock for stock transaction it is clear that Google, Yahoo and Microsoft already have or are about to get a major partner in the web social networking world.

Gone are the days with static websites. Now the hot thing to do is to create and read blogs, listen to podcasts, check profiles and chat on social networking sites, post and search for videos, sent your photos online etc. In other words the readers of the early Internet are now active participants and creators of the new Internet.

Here are the major search engine alliances with social networking sites :

Google / AOL / MySpace / YouTube / eBay (non-U.S.) / Viacom / Dell v.

Yahoo / eBay (domestic) v.

Microsoft / Amazon / Facebook.

Tristan Louis from has listed another table with the biggest tech acquisitions in the past three years, where you can see that deals for social networking sites started long before YouTube cashed the billion.

Via: Jenkins Law Library Webblits

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