Skype Goes For Cash, You-Tube Starts Direct Recording

Skype the famous Internet phone service announced that from 2007 an early fee of $29.95 will be charged to all calls in the US and Canada from PC to mobile and regular phones. PC to PC phone conversations are still free . If you are a regular user of the service and you use PC to mobile and regular calls you have until January 31st to save $10 and subscribe for Skype for only $14.99 . More info on Dec 14 posting at Stephen’s Lighthouse.

At the same time YouTube developed Quick Capture that will allow you to instantly upload your video directly from any webcam connected to your PC through Flash software. Before users had to pre-record the video on the PC, edit it and use Flash to upload it on You-Tube. Quick Capture doesn’t allow editing. Librarian in Black points to a good review for the new feature.

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