Create Easy Online Forms With Wufoo

Anybody who tried to create web forms, knows that this is not an easy task even for experienced web developers. Well, know there is a site Wufoo, which promises to make the the development of online forms a breeze, even if you don’t know a single line of HTML code .

From the Top 10 Reasons to Use Wufoo: " Wufoo enables anyone from students to secretaries to office managers the ability to publish an online form within minutes. Your forms, on your terms. Programming experience not needed."

Wufoo also allows you to build, design, and collect data, create reports and use password protection for sensitive data. Eeasy copy and paste code options for integrating your form into a website are available. For experienced users "full CSS and XHTML markup is also included."

Via: ResearchBuzz

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2 Responses to Create Easy Online Forms With Wufoo

  1. anonymous says:

    Gina Rosales writes:Here are a few more onlne form sites that offer equal to or superior services:

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    Thanks the update Gina. Those look interesting.

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