New MetaSearch Engines

Phill Bradley wrote about a couple of new metasearch engines at Search Engine Land blog.CrossEngine , TurboScout and Trovando let you decide which engine or site do you prefer for your search and run the transaction with the prefered search engine of your choice. [/URL]

I am not a fan of multi search engines, simply because they don't retrieve in-depth and precise results as the major search machines, but if you want to compare results across different engines and sites metasearch engines are not that bad after all. When using metasearch machines, keep in mind that they are rarely allowed to index the deep, most useful databases of the big search engines, they claim to represent.

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2 Responses to New MetaSearch Engines

  1. doolo says:

    um…They are not the real metasearch.They are only the all-in-one search engines.Real metasearch should combine the results and re-rank again.Let me suggests some great metasearch here.Mamma http://www.mamma.comXooda http://www.xooda.comIxquick http://www.ixquick.comHave a try!!

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    Thank you. I like Ixquick and Mamma

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