Retrevo Consumer Electronics Mega Search Engine

The ResearchBuzz blog[/URL] reminds us about Retrevo a relatively new federated search engine specialized in information for consumer electronics. What is really interesting about Retrevo is the way search results are organized. The screen is split in 2 parts. For almost every product the left side shows product documentation, reviews and articles, manufacturer’s info, forums & blogs and shopping categories and the right side displays the content of the page for the selected category.

The engine has more than 757,136 product reviews from 4,735 different websites for 19,806 different products and uses sophisticated technology like data mining and clustering to retrieve results. Retrevo is very neat, efficient and will come handy at the reference desk for questions about old and new electronic products. I also think that Retrevo's model of organizing the search results will soon be adopted by other new startup Internet companies.

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