DOPA Returns From Alaska And Illinois

It is obvious now that getting rid of DOPA is not going to be easy. The "fameous" bill is now returning in one form or another from Alaska and Illinois. A new bill called "Protecting Children in the 21st Century Act" (#S49.IS)was introduced by republican senator Ted Stevens from Alaska. The proposed legislation is very similar to DOPA plus two additional restrictions: sale of children information to marketing and establishing fines for child pornography violations. You can get more details by searching for the bill number (S49) at the Library of Congress Catalog THOMAS.

At the same time Senator Matt Murphy from Palatine, IL also introduces a bill (SB)1682 at the Illinois Senate. According to the proposed document all public schools and libraries "must prohibit access to social networking websites on all computers made available to the public ". If they fail to do so civil actions are to be brought against them. I thinks that DOPA and it siblings would most probably fail, because they are aiming not only at online predators but also at the evolution of technology. Social networking is in the heart of most of the new emerging technologies ( blogs, wikis, RSS feeds etc) and it will be impossible to stop or control.

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