75 Million Dollars Donated to Stanford By Yahoo’s Co-founder

Last week the co-founder of Yahoo Jerry Yang decided to donate 75 million dollars to his alma mater. Stanford University will not disclose the amount of previous donations that Yang gave them.

I always admire professionals who give back money to organizations or institutions who helped them in their career, but perhaps for Yang there is more than one reason to open his wallet.

Jerry Yang was a PhD student in electrical engineering, who in 1994 started Yahoo as a directory for a quicker access to his technical and personal Internet files. Yang also met his wife Akiko Yamazaki at Stanford and one of his fellow student David Filo, who helped him to create the famous search engine.

Although Jerry Yang wasnt able to finish his PhD studies, he got his bachelor's and master's degree from …Stanford too.

And last but not least Google also was invented at Stanford, by two of their computer science PhD students, ( Larry Page and Sergey Brin so obviously if it wasn’t for Stanford we wouldn’t have had Yahoo in 1994 and Google in 1998.

"Stanford received $911 million in alumni donations in its fiscal year ended August 31, up more than 50 percent from the $603 million the previous year."

Via: Reuters

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