Web 2.0 Freeware Directory

Phil Bradley is one of the grand masters in everything Web 2.0 and Library 2.0. His directory "I want to"- Web 2.0 applications, utilities and resources" is a must reading for everyone involved with emerging technologies. With 450 different Web 2.0 applications, 21 main sections, 73 categories and short practical descriptions of each application this directory is an information treasure.

Loki is a relatively new Web 2.0 application that will soon find its place in the Bradley Directory. "Loki pinpoints your exact physical location and then uses that location to make the web revolve around you ", reads the explanation on the company website. To see how Loki works out look at this video.

I think that the idea of pinpointing location of mobile devices through WiFi access points and pushing Internet traffic for those locations is very interesting and promising.

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