Ask Uses Drawing Tools In Local Search one of the better alternatives to Google announced yesterday that they have started using drawing tools for their local search.

Drawing Tools!?

Well…the idea is revolutionary and very practical. Open AskCity, pick your neighborhood and state for the experiment. After that select a drawing tool from the bottom and simply search for lets say "pizza". This will prompt AskCity to look for "pizza" from your drawing and will show you where in your circle or square of streets there is a pizza business.

You could even save your drawing by clicking " snapshot", add more drawings ( like visual instructions on how to arrive somewhere ) and all of this is available for free without signing up or registering.

And if that is not cool enough let me add that you could also search by zip code and neighborhoodand if you decide to do so AskCity will draw the boundaries of your zip code or neighborhood on the map for you.

I have nothing to add.

Via Resourceshelf:

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