Netscape and Yahoo With New Personalized Home Pages

The Read/WriteWeb blog has a post about the new redesign of "My Netscape" and " "My Yahoo " personalized home page websites.

At " My Netscape" users will be able to pick content from 100 modules and even select news to be delivered through RSS feed reader. " We are also hard at work at finishing a migration feature that allows previous users of My.Netscape to import their stock portfolio and favorite bookmark preferences.", reads one of the FAQ on the site. In the future My Netscapde plans to release a development kit that will allow customers to construct their own content modules.

" My Yahoo" also revamped their popular personalized page, which is the oldest one ( since 1996) with 50 million users per month. The first thing to notice is the similarity in layout and design between " My Yahoo" home page and the recently redesigned Yahoo main site. I like both designs, because it seems to me that they were done with some web usability studies in mind. In short here are the main changes on " My Yahoo" personalized home page:

* choice between 2, 3 or 4 column layout and different themes
* category pages for popular topics with easy drop and drag navigation for content
* personal assistant for popular Yahoo applications like mail
* customizable version of My Yahoo by location and Internet habits of customers
* shared favorite features with family and friends

For detailed review take a look at the The Read/WriteWeb posting.

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