10 New Technologies Of The Future

Technology Review published by Massachusetts Institute of Technology has an interesting article about the 10 Emerging Technologies Of The Future.

Scientist predict that multimedia – songs and videos online will dominate the Internet of the future and some kind of peer-to-peer networks will be one of the solutions for the overloaded web bandwidth.

Depression will be cured with "genetically engineered "light switch," which lets scientists turn selected parts of the brain on and off".

Mobile augmented reality is a new "picture analysis" in real time technology that allows your phone to "calculate the location of just about any object its camera is aimed at" and provide you with information about the object.

With the emerging compressive sensing, "a camera using the technique needs only a small percentage of the data that today's digital cameras must collect in order to build a comparable picture" and this translates to smaller cameras and scanners and better quality digital pictures.

"Norman Dovichi believes that detecting minute differences between individual cells could improve medical tests and treatments". The practical application of his theory could cure cancer patients.

"Kenneth Crozier and Federico Capasso have created light-focusing optical antennas that could lead to DVDs that hold hundreds of movies."

If you are curious about the rest of the new emerging technologies read the article from Technology Review.

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