First YouTube Video Awards This Friday

1 billion dollar lawsuit from Viacom is not going to stop the mega online video website YouTube to host its first Video Awards to recognize the best home made videos in 2006.

Fans can submit materials in seven categories: "most creative, most inspirational, best series, best comedy, musician of the year, best commentary and 'most adorable video ever.'"

The winning videos will be chosen by the YouTube community, announced on March 25 and displayed on the mega site.

"Among the nominees are noted 'vloggers' Paul Robinett ('Renetto') and Peter Oakley ('Geriatric1927'). The comedy of Barats and Bereta, and Smosh, is also nominated, as are series such as Lonelygirl15's and 'Ask a Ninja.' The power pop band OK Go is perhaps the most professional of the nominees; it's nominated for the famous treadmill-choreographed music video, 'Here It Goes Again.'", explains an article in Associated Press.

The outcome and popularity of the first YouTube Video Awards will determine whether the online video sharing company will decide to make it a permanent event.

Via: Search Engine Land

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