Yahoo With Free Unlimited E-Mail Storage And Better Mobile Search

Library blogs were buzzing lately about some improvements with Yahoo's mobile search and email storage.

First Yahoo announced that in May 2007 all of their email users will get free unlimited storage. Lets look at the storage limits and number of users that all the major email players have. Maybe the numbers will gives a hint why Yahoo is offering free email storage. Can you guess who is going to offer free email storage next?

Storage Limit ( per account ) and Number Of Global Users

Yahoo 1 GB ( Unlimited as of May 2007) 250 Million Users

Google 2.8 GB and growing 51 Million Users

Live 2 GB 228 Million Users

Yahoo also improved its mobile search by making it accessible for more than 85% of all web-enabled mobile phones.

"We're really redefining what search is for the mobile phone," said Lee Ott, director of Mobile Web for Yahoo.

Yahoo Go mobile search takes into consideration your search and the location of your phone. Lets say you want to go to the movies all you have to do is type the name of the movie into the search box. Yahoo Go will take care of the rest.

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One Response to Yahoo With Free Unlimited E-Mail Storage And Better Mobile Search

  1. E. Driver says:

    Hi Stan,Just dropped by for saying hello. I've installed the Yahoo Messenger but I don't use it – neither that e-mail adress.Thanks for the informationElmar

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