Yahoo With Its Own iPod Called Sansa

Yahoo has just announced their version of iPod called SanDisk Sansa Connect. Sansa comes with 4GB of built-in memory, which can store up to 1,000 MP3s and costs around $250 dollars. .

The Wi-Fi based media player will enable you to listen to online music, and share music recommendations and photos with friends via Yahoo! Messenger and Flickr.

For approximately $15 dollars a month Yahoo promises to open its 2 million songs library at Yahoo music.

If you want to find the best deal in the pay per click market read the short and informative TechCrunch blog overview of the online subscription music services .

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One Response to Yahoo With Its Own iPod Called Sansa

  1. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:I think Sandisk made a good product for the market. I know that it has fewer features than iPod but Sandisk never concentrated on music products mostly. I bought my player on it's good for the price and solid.

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