MySpace News And MySpace In Spanish Coming

This week MySpace launched 2 websites. for the US spansih speaking customers of MySpace and for Latin Amereican Spanish speakers, explained Michael Arrington from TechCrunch

Current study at the Pew Internet & American Life Project showed that " 32% of Latino adults who speak only Spanish go online" compare to 71% of non-Hispanic whites and 60% of non-Hispanic blacks, who use the Internet more often. Attracting more Spanish customers to the Internet is useful and vital, because today even the applications for Home Depot are online.

E-Content posted about a new initiative of the owner of MySpace – News Corp.'s, to test new service that searches the Internet for news and lets users rate them.

" The service, called MySpace News, resembles a mix of Google Inc.'s Google News, which collects stories and arranges them based on thematic similarities and, which displays stories suggested by its readers and displays them according to their popularity ranking. "

I guess it is smart on MySpace part to let its millions of users to rate news and in no time they will start visiting more often and relaying on the site for current news.

I also wanted this week to be a week without writing about Google, but no such luck. In the last minute Google acquired Marratech, a video conferencing software. The new service will enable Google users to have videoconference meetings from any computer with Internet connection.

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