Comcast Will Offer A New SmartZone Communication Hub

Everybody who follows the recent moves in the tech world is aware that the next big battle for IT companies will be for a web operating system or web office suite, which will offer one point access for customers.

To achieve this goal some companies have already started forming alliances. For example Read Write Web Blog has posted about a new " SmartZone Communication Hub" a joint project between one of the biggest cable companies Comcast, and few successful Web 2.0 startups: Zimbraand Plaxo.

The new integrated web-based application provided with no charge to customers will "merge email, voicemail, IM, and an address book. Users could also be able to "listen to voice mail online" , use an address book for all their contacts and synchronizes it with other devices and send video or IM messages to friends.

According to the plans the new SmartZone Communication Hub will be ready at the end of 2007.

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One Response to Comcast Will Offer A New SmartZone Communication Hub

  1. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:Smartzone is not so smart. It doesn't work. Should of left it the way it was

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