Searching Congress Documents Beyond THOMAS

When I have to find information about US Congress I always use THOMAS, the portal created by the Library of Congress. But if I want to monitor the info from THOMAS: get email or RSS alerts for bills or committees I will be out of luck.

Well not so much, because in 1994 a PhD student by the name of Josh Tauberer created GovTrack in his spare time and one of the unique features of the new site, which uses the same data from THOMAS is the ability "to set up monitors, customized email alerts and RSS feeds."

" Monitors can be set up to track action on specific bills or bills indexed under a specific subject term, actions from a specific committee, or actions by a specific member of Congress."

GovTrack could be even added to your Firefox 2.0 and Internet Explorer 7 browser's toolbax with a new widget.

The other site that extends your options when searching for Congress data is
"Major information categories are Bills, Committees, Senators, and Representatives" and "enables browsing of legislation by topic, using the indexing done by the Congressional Research Service—just as GovTrack does. "

OpenCongress offers blog coverage of information, RSS feeds and campaign contributions to politicians from the Center for Responsive Politics. For more Web 2.0 resources on federal and public data read the post from www.LLRX. com.

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