Is the End Of DRM In The Near Future?

Some library and news blogs last week posted about Amazon's decision to sell DRM-free ( Digital Rights Management)music.Most of the new songs in DRM-free MP3 format will come from a catalog of the music company EMI and 12,000 other record labels.

According to the ALA Tech Source Blog "EMI, the fourth largest music company in the U.S. market and one that has been struggling financially of late, has decided to shoot the rapids and sign a deal with Amazon to supply nearly its entire catalog only in DRM-free format."

This is not the first time when big companies or executives express their opinion against DRM music.

In April Apple's iTunes store ( the leader in online music downloads) announced that they will also sell DRM free music, including songs from EMI.

Experts hope that Amazon's and Apple's decision will bring down the DRM management practice and customers will finally be able to freely download their music on the Internet.

I think the model of offering digital songs should change and like everything else the cost of downloading music should be paid with some sort of advertising revenue.

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