Google Maps Adds “Street View” and Mapplets

"Street View", a panorama of photos for certain locations is the newest addition to Google Maps. The availability of the " street view" feature is usually higlighted on the maps with blue lines.

Currently the new addition to Google Maps is available for San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Denver, and Miami, but soon will expand to other big metropolitan areas.

Mapplets (from “map applets”) is another new feature recently added to the Google family. A Mapplet is a special gadget ( widget) programmed in XML/JavaScript that customers can create and add to Google Maps

"Mapplets contain a variety of information, from housing listings to crime data, and tools like distance measurement. Users can select from a wide range of Google and third party Mapplets to display on the Map"

Mapquest also recently added a new new API(Application Programming Interface)for Adobe ActionScript which will allow outside web developers to add their programs ( including video and audio ) to Mapquest website. The new feature is currently available onlly for Business Solutions customers in a beta version.

Interactive and customizable maps where customers can integrate their widgets (gadgets) and data into the new online maps is the name of the game that companies involved with online mapping are now playing.

Via: Google Blogoscoped

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