Mahalo The New Human Powered Search

A lot of bloggers were not happy with a new human powered search engine called Mahalo.

Mahalo advertise itself as "the world's first human-powered search engine powered by an enthusiastic and energetic group of Guides. Our Guides spend their days searching, filtering out spam, and hand-crafting the best search results possible."

If Mahalo users are not able to see a page for their search they can request the searchers called
“Guides” to create one.

I tried a few country searches and noticed how limited the search capabilities of Mahalo are. Everybody knows that humans cannot index and create a page for every search. What I like about Mahalo though is their guide pages on popular subjects with short referals.

For example I searched for "Pink Floyd" and I found Mahalo's page to be very informative with quick facts, photos, videos, lyrics, articles, forums and even a link to AOL music guide and AOL sessions with David Gilmore.

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