The New SirsiDynix Symphony – A Mix Betwen Unicorn And Horizon 8.0

SirsiDynix Symphony is the name ( not Project Rome as previously announced) of the new SirsiDynix ILS ( Integrated Library Syatem), which is a mix between Unicorn and Horizon 8.0

"SirsiDynix Symphony incorporates open, industry-standard technologies, offering the library community the most impressive list of features and capabilities. These include a service-oriented architecture (SOA), software-as-a-service (SaaS) options, power library "user experience" portal and search solutions, comprehensive integrated library management and productivity solutions, Java-based staff clients for all modules, fully documented application programming interfaces (APIs), Unicode support, advanced business intelligence and reporting tools, support for SIP2 and NCIP and support for the Oracle relational database management system."

Some of the new catchy ideas are Books by Mail, Collection Exchange and Web-Based Staff clients.

It is interesting to see where this new ILS product is going, considering the fact that some libraries now build there own catalogs (PINES).

Via:Library Technology Guides

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