The 10 Largest Databases In The World?

Have you ever wondered what are the 10 largest databases in the world?

I think I can guess that Amazon with its extensive catalog of products and warehouses all over the country is probably one of them. Some of the law enforcement agencies should also have quite extensive databases but that is not for us to know.

According to an old post on Stephen's Lighthouse blog the N1 database in the world is World Data Centre for Climate followed by National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center.

Google with its famous data centers comes third and CIA surprisingly takes the last place.

To find the rest of the big 10 databases read Stephen Abram's post.

Via: Stephen's Lighthouse

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1 Response to The 10 Largest Databases In The World?

  1. Joymeng says:

    This post surely got me think. We often ignore the significant facts behind many conveniences in our lives. Thank you for letting me think whenever I shop with Amazon and do Google search.

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