Google And Microsoft Add Face Search

The two most popular search engines Google and Live Search ( Microsoft) have added face search capabilities to their search menus.

To find images with faces in Google, do a normal image search for a person and then add &imgtype=face to the end of URL in the address-bar at the end of the URL. Look at my example for face search with Bob Dylan.

Microsoft's search engine Live is going one step further by using filters. To turn the filters on, you need to type jimi hendrix filter:face in Live's image search box.

If you are looking for a portrait of a person, type jimi hendrix filter: portrait. For black and white images use jimi hendrix filter:bw .

Finding portraits, black and white images and faces is very useful for web designers, but Google and Microsoft need to find an alternative way to incorporate the searches. Typing commands and special syntax is not going to work for everyone.

Via: Pandia Search Engine News

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One Response to Google And Microsoft Add Face Search

  1. dansathome says:

    When you switch to Blogger consider smiling. Your photo looks like an ID picture.Dan

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