TokBox Starts The First Web-based Video Chat

The famous Michael Arrington from the Techcrunch blog found a new video chat application called TokBox.

"While there are plenty of video chat products out there on the market, including Skype, most of them require at least some software download to the computer. Something about the simplicity of TokBox, which is entirely a web application, suggests it might get very popular very fast.", writes Arrington.

Topbox is already a popular Web 2.0 service considering the fact that half million readers of Techcrunch already know about it. The service is very easy to set up. After registration, your camera and microphone are automatically detected and you can invite registered friends to join your video chat by email.

There is no software to download ( like Skype or Userplane) and by looking at how easy it works I may finally go to the store and get a web camera myself.

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