WikiScanner Pinpoints Anonymous Edits In Wikipedia

Curious to see who is editing the wiki page that you spent hours writing. WikiScanner is going to do that for you. The software will simply cross-reference an edit in Wikipedia with the owner of the computer network and the corresponding IP ( Internet protocol address) and thus show you who is behind an anonymous writing.

"WikiScanner is the work of Virgil Griffith, 24, a cognitive scientist who is a visiting researcher at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico. Mr. Griffith, who spent two weeks this summer writing the software for the site, said he got interested in creating such a tool last year after hearing of members of Congress who were editing their own entries" , specifies an article in New York Times.

This is a brilliant idea, and a perfect example of smart mix up of two sets of data: edits in Wikipedia and the owner behind the corresponding IP address for those edits.

When working with Wikipedia, you are always able to see what edits were made recently. Now with WikiScanner you can easily identify who is behind the anonymous ones too.

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