Go Offline With Google Gears And Zoho

Jenny Levine from the Shifterd Librarian has a very interesting post about Google Gears and its ability to allow you to edit pages and blogs offline.

In the begining of June we wrote about Google Gears, an open source browser extension allowing offline access to web applications.

To use Google Gears, first you need to have Google account. After that you have to transfer all the blog feeds that you follow into Google Reader and download Google Gears. With Google Gears you can read and delete your blogs offline and later synchronize them back online, when you have an Internet connection. To have a better understanding of how it works, read Jenny's post.

I am currently using Newsgator as a reader for my feeds but plan to switch to Google Reader for the offline functionality. Being able to read blog posts offline, while you commute is a real time saver.

Zoho, the popular online office suite and main competitor of Microsoft Office announced lately that they are using Google Gears to offer offline access to Zoho Writer. For now, customers of Zoho can only read documents offline, but soon they will be able also to edit them too.

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