Google Starts Shared Stuff And Presentations

Google quietly launched two new services: Google Shared Stuff and Google Presentations.

Shared Stuff resides on your browser and allows you to share links with friends and co-workers. To activate the service, you need to drag the icon to your browser, have a Google account and create your own profile page to store your shared links. Your personal profile page is open to the public and you can link your photo and home page or blog to it.

When you click the Google Email/Share icon, you can choose between posting the page to your profiled page, emailing it to your contacts or bookmarking it with or furl.

Google Presentations is the newest release by Google in direct competition with Microsoft's Power Point. Presentations will be added to the other two free Google products in Google Docs(word processor and spreadsheet).

I didn’t have time to try Presentations but it seems to me that it is not a complete application if it is not supporting customization of slides, basic animations, transitions and sounds. To read more detailed review of Presentations from Garett Rogers from Googling Google click here.

Via: Google Blogoscoped

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