Library Blog Buzz Nominated As A Favorite Library Blog

I haven’t been posting for the past week or so and the reason is that I moved into a new house, without an Internet connection.

As a new homeowner, I was not aware that setting up service with cable companies will take at least a week or two. In New York City opening a new cable and Internet account with Time Warner takes not more than 2 days.

Anyway, I am going to resume blogging shortly, as soon as I get hooked to the Internet again.

Meanwhile I am happy to announce that Library Blog Buzz was voted a favorite library blog in a survey conducted by Meredith Farkas in her top notch "Information Wants To Be Free" blog.

Earlier in September Meredith Farkas also had a very interesting post about what it takes to make a blog successful.

I want to thank all my readers again for their support and I promise to make Library Blog Buzz more fun.

Thank you again.

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