Yahoo Introducing Search Suggestions And Blended Search

It didn’t take long for Yahoo to follow Google and Microsoft and offer blended ( customized)
search results. The new search, mixes search results from Yahoo with other Yahoo products like Yahoo Local, Yahoo Travel , Yahoo Images depending on what you are searching. A simple search for New York City brings up results from Yahoo Travel with a nice picture slideshow.

The other most noticeable change is the drop down menu with search term suggestions, which now pops up when Yahoo senses that you need help with your search words.

I like the new concept of blended search results that most of the search engines are now introducing, because it helps customers to narrow or expand their searches with video, images, news, maps, books, blogs and websites related to their search.

I also have the feeling that this is the first step towards the next semantic web and smart answers” where search engines will “guess” what you are looking for and display highly relevant results

Via: TechCrunch

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