The New Napster Hopes To Attract More Users

Do you remember Napster and the time when you were able to download anything off their site for free? Well those happy times are gone and the new Napster is not going to bring them back, but the new version 4.0 allows users to listen to their music from any computer within the browser without downloading the software.

The Napster software is still required for customers who want to transfer music from the service to computers and mobile devices.

It is hard to predict how many more customers this move will attract but in the world of Pandora and Last FM, Napster needs to change their revenue model to get back the fans.

A monthly fee of $9.00 is still a lot of money to listen to your favorite music, provided you can get it for free from BitTorrent and Kazaa and other free Internet file-sharing providers.

Via: Read/WriteWeb

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