3 Out Of 4 Americans Leave Search Engines Confused

3 Out Of 4 Americans leave their computers and the search engines without finding the information they were looking fore, revealed a survey by Autobytel trying to find how automobile Internet shoppers interact with search engines.

The research entitled "The State of Search" and conducted by Kelton Research was given to 1001 US residents confirmed that 7 out of 10 Americans experience what the report describes as “search engine fatigue.”

"When asked to name their #1 complaint about the process, 25 percent cited a deluge of results, 24 percent cited a predominance of commercial (paid) listings, 18.8 percent blamed the search engine’s inability to understand their keywords (forcing them to try again), and 18.6 percent were most frustrated by disorganized/random results.", summarizes Search Engine Land.

Many users also expressed the desire for search engines to read their mind. More details about the survey are available from the press release.

This study confirms again that librarians play a key role in promoting and helping customers understand new technology and search engines, in particular. I think that education about Internet and search engines, should start around middle school. continue in high school and finish in college. Public Libraries should also offer beginner’s and advanced classes on how to do research with search engines.

Via: Search Engine Land

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