Hot From Internet Librarian 2007

Internet Librarian 2007 is one of the conferences that I wanted to attend, but unfortunately it is faraway from New York and it is a little bit expensive for a library budget. Fortunately, there are blogging librarians at the conference who are always willing to share their experience online.

This year, Sarah Houghton-Jan from Librarian in Black is sending detailed posts from all the conference workshops that she attended. Her summaries of the conference presentations are so informative, concise and to the point that I feel all the Library Blog Buzz readers should take a look. Just go to her blog and read all the summaries with "IL 2007" in the title.

One of the posts "IL 2007 Best Of Resourceshelf" is a must read because it highlights some of the important Internet resources for the past year. Although Library Blog Buz have covered some of them like Podzinger ( EveryZing) ; Podanza ; Reuters Labs ; Traffic Land , Gary Price, the presenter is one of the most Internet savvy librarians in the US.

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