Google Starts Open Social And Android Alliance

I don’t even know how two weeks have passed already and we haven’t posted anything about Google.

Android Alliance is the new Google initiative about creating a new mobile platform for cell phones. This idea is not new, however when companies like Google, Texas Instruments, Ebay, Sprint, Motoroala and Samsung and many others are forming Open Handset Alliance to share computer applications and innovate the mobile industry, you know that this is going to revolutanize the cell phone industry and the social web.

Together all the founding companies have developed Android™, the first open and free mobile platform ( based on Lunix) and are planning to commercially deploy handsets and services using the Android Platform in the second half of 2008. More information is available from Pandia Search Engine News blog.

In the past two weeks Google also started the Open Social program to create open computer applications for web developers that will work on any social site. This time the search giant is backed by MySpace, Bebo, SixApart, LinkedIn, Ning, hi5 , Oracle and others. Many experts comment that with this move Google tries to lure software developers back to the open Web from Facebook. I personally think that where there is competition, the consumer wins, so sooner or later we will all start enjoying all kinds of useful widgets and gadgets that work on Google, MySpace, Six Apart and everywhere else.

Via: Pandia Search Engine News

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