Tecnorati Revamps Interface

Tecnorati, one of the oldest blog search engines on the Internet, decided to revamp their interface. The new re-design focuses on blogs and mainstream media. Blogosphere news are located on the left side of the screen and mainstream media, is on the right.

Tecnorati selects the best blogs with a program called Technorati Percolator, which ranks the authority of the source for the blog post, the authority of the referring blogs and the density of recent links from other blogs.

The primary goal of Percolator is to "highlight the significant things grabbing the blogosphere's attention regardless of the blogger's "A-list" or "Z-list" status", explains Ian Kallen from Tecnorati.

If you are tracking 112.8 million blogs, it only makes sense to find an algorithm to point to the best ones to your readers.

For more info go to the Read/Write Web blog.

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