Garland Public Libraries Start 24/7 On Demand Video

Garland Library System in Texas launched 24/7 online digital video on demand, called MyLibraryDV.

The video service allows patrons to download up to 10 movies with a library card and when the loan period expires, the videos are automatically returned with no late fees.

MyLibraryDV can be accessed from the catalog and requires " that you have a broadband internet connection, Windows 2000 or XP, Flash 9 and Windows Media Player 9 or higher. The Download Manager automatically detects and alerts you of any player upgrades necessary and will aid with their installation."

Besides movies, among the popular video downloads are Rick Steves’ Europe, Antiques Roadshow, America’s Test Kitchen and Today’s Homeowner and educational programs for kids.

The movie and TV business is slowly moving on the Internet and libraries who adapt quickly will increase the circulation of their materials and the smiles on customer faces. This is especially true for suburban libraries who can increase the circulation of their audio and video materials tremendously.

Garland Library System is one of many libraries now that are offering downloads of ebooks and evideos online and I can predict that the time when we will download chapters of electronic books and movies over the Internet is not very far away.

Via: Library Link Of The Day

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