Google Is Knolling And Translating In Real Time

In the past few weeks Google started a lot of new features and Library Blog Buzz needs to mention them briefly.

First we found out that Google is using human evaluators to improve search results. According to an article in Technology Review "they track what users are clicking on. If they click on number one and do not come back to Google, that is taken as a quality sign: the searchers have found what they are looking for. Google also hires people to review the quality of search results for specific queries.". More details about this interesting topic are avilable from Pandia Search Engine News.

A new service called Knol is being tested at Google Labs. Knol ( which comes from knowledge) is simply a web page, where users are invited to write on a specific topic.
" Our goal is to encourage people who know a particular subject to write an authoritative article about it." Google will not edit the articles and there may be more than one article on any given subject. Details for the project are available from Per and Susanne Koch's lovely Pandia Search Engine News blog.

And to top everything, just before Christmas Google announced that they have released new translations bots that will allow users to translate different languages while chatting in real time.

Picture from Google Talkabout Blog

This new service, which works with Google Talk inside your Google account has tremendous application in real life and libraries can take advantage too, by helping multilingual customers with their questions. For more info and how to download bots go to Daily Bits and Ars Technica and Google Talkabout blogs.

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