Check Copyright Permissions With OpenSearch

How many times you found an article on the Internet with the intention to share it with colleagues and friends, but you were discouraged, because you couldn’t determine quickly what were the copyright permissions to distribute?

Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) have started a new service called OpenSearch, which allows you to instantly find out what copyright permisions do you have. OpenSearch is available for download ( for Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2)from Copyright Labs, a testing ground for new services from the Copyright Clearance Center website.

"With OpenSearch™, all you have to do is select from your browser’s search drop down menu and you can instantly check our rights database for the permission you need."

If you are a frequent user of Google Scholar at the new Copyright Labs you can also try and download a new extension, that will give you a link on your browser with the available copyright permissions for your search results.

Via: E-Content

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