Netscape To Be Discontinued In February 2008

All things come to an end and so does Netscape. AOL will discontinue the legendary browser from more than 10 years ago, this coming February. In the old days we used to teach our library customers that there are hundreds of browsers out there but the two most important ones are Internet Explorer and Netscape.

For those that don’t remember Netscape, I will briefly mention that according to Wikipedia "By the end of 2006, the usage share of Netscape browsers had fallen from over 90% in the mid 1990s, to less than 1%." Netscape was a major player in the early browser wars and in 1998 was bought by AOL for billions of dollars. Netscape also had a few transformations before deciding to leave the browser scene forever.

If you wonder what good came out of Netscape, well that is Mozilla with its famous Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client. TechCrunch blog points out that Mozilla "spun off of Netscape in February 1998 with $2 million in funding from Netscape and an additional $300,000 from Mitch Kapor." Read the Netscape blog post for more details.

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