Free Software For Your PC

The cost of software programs is still unreasonably high, so that is why reading this post might save you a few bucks. Chuck Gray from Central Rappahannock Regional Library has a nice post about free software programs.

"With the exception of video games developed with budgets larger than most major Hollywood releases, there is no software for your PC that you cannot download and use for absolutely free; believe it or not, this also includes your operating system", explains Chuck Gray. Word processing, web browsers, internet security, email, photo-editing programs, media players, and operating system are the categories, for which he listed freeware.

Some of the programs like OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird and Ubuntu are quite poipular but others ( VLC and Apatana)are definitely worth investigating. If you are looking for free software for your library, please read one of our previous posts about open source software..

Via: Librarian's Internet Index/ New This Week

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