Freemusiczilla Downloads Free Music From Streaming Sites

I am sure that some of our readers are listening to LastFM, Pandora and other music streaming services and now there is a website, that will allow you to download all of your favorite music from those sites to your computer. Dont ask me if this is 100% legal, because I am not sure.

Freemusiczilla is " the first tool specialized for social music downloading, enables you download free music from IMEEM™,™, Pandora™, Myspace, eSnips™, Mog™, iJigg™,™ and almost all social music services." The service supports most of the top browsers, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Netscape, there is no adware or spyware and you can download 10 music files per day.

To see more social music websites like Pandora and LastFM, make sure to check our post about "Guide to Free Music Online."


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6 Responses to Freemusiczilla Downloads Free Music From Streaming Sites

  1. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:What I like at this tool is that it is easy to work with, but gave up using it, cause there are missing many functions, I really don't like that I have to look for sites to get music from there and also I have to write down the singer's and song's names. So I looked for another one and I decided to use Videoraptor and now I am glad I made this decision . You can see that here:

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    It looks promising. I will check Audials later. Thanks

  3. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:I saw that this Videoraptor can convert files for mobile devices. What I'd like to know is if the file's quality after conversion is the good??? Cause I saw some programs which lose in quality….

  4. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:I've never had such problems and I use it for 5 months, I really happy with it…

  5. anonymous says:

    Anonymous writes:cool!!

  6. LibraryImportant says:

    Glad you like it. Thanks

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