Winamp, iTunes and AmaroK Make Library PCs MP3 Capable

In our Cyber Center at Queens Library we often get requests to download MP3 files. More often than not customers are able to upload audio files on their iPods, MP3 players and cell phones. Sometimes this is not possible and I wish there is a better solution to the problem.

The YALSAs blog is proposing a solution in one of their recent posts by offering a brief guide to make library computers MP3 capable by downloading three popular multimedia applications: Winamp, iTunes and amaroK.

is " the second-most used MP3 player in the world , and most importantly lets users upload files to most commercial MP3 players, iPod included." To see how to uload MP3 files through Winamp, follow this link.

iTunnes is probably the most famous and capable Mac based multimedua player for iPods, although library patrons using the program have to be careful with the sync capabilities, which can sometimes delete and replace files.

amaroK "is a terrific open-source solution that combines the flexibility of Winamp with the great user-interface of iTunes. It plays as many file types as your operating system is set-up to handle and works with a number of media devices"

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3 Responses to Winamp, iTunes and AmaroK Make Library PCs MP3 Capable

  1. superlolek says:

    well you forgot to mention about foobar, and it's new version and fantastic plugin support…

  2. LibraryImportant says:

    Hi Mr. Lolek, Thank you for recommending Foobar (, an audio player plug in for Windows platform with support of wide variety of audio formats and conversion of audio files. I am sure that some of Library Blog readers will find it very useful. Thanks again.

  3. superlolek says:

    well no problem, you should also mention that foobar and amarok (afair), are the only players from your list that support mpc from the beginning, i mean since you install them… the same is with the amp player, imho winamp should be disbanded due to it's high processor consumption, it has also another problem well they didn't change anything, so managing a huge list of mp3 files is very difficult in winamp… amarok is better, well itunes of course also… but imho foobar is the smalest one, it also doesn't need so much cpu power as the others… if i'll have some time, i'll discous foobar on my blog…

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