Meebo Opens Its Chat Rooms With API

After Facebook and MySpace invited web programmers with their open API. ( "API is any interface that enables one program to use facilities provided by another, whether by calling that program, or by being called by it. Westlake Mobile Glossary ), Meebo also said publicly at the end of January that they are starting an API for their Meebo Rooms chat service.

"Meebo also announced an ad network with a revenue sharing program to allow people to monetize embedded chat rooms created via the API. The rev share is 50% with a license fee option to go ad free."

If you wonder what this madness with open API is, I have to assure you that this is only the beginning. API's usually brings more customers and broadens the usage of software programs. In the new Web 2.0 Internet world of open communication and sharing of information, the more flexible a product is, the more popular it will become. For example, if you like Flickr, there is no reason, why your favorite social network, would not allow you to have it on your personal page.

Via: ReadWrite/Web

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