Yahoo Starts Streaming Video With YahooLife

Yahoo started a brand new service for customers with web cameras, who want to broadcast themselves on the Internet. YahooLive is still being tested and at the time of visit there were 1,137 customers watching at 54 public video channels.

Besides the main presenter, you can pick 4 other participants in the public video channel of your choice to be shown on your screen at the same time and chat with everyone else in the chat room.

To my surprise only 6 people from Yahoo are working on YahooLive and this is the reason why the service, crashed the very first day after the opening.

" You’ve been posting your stuff to MySpace and YouTube. Now, connect with your fans in real time on Y! Live.", reads the first post on the Y!Live Blog. I am sure that sooner or later streaming video chats online will become a lot more popular,( than 1137cutomers) but before this time comes, the success of YahooLive depends on the ease of use of their site.

Via: Sites and Soundbytes

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